Behavioural and Training Services

Any behaviour work and training we do with you and your dog will always be rewards based, force-free and without fear and initimidation and we will always include as much fun as possible. We strongly believe dogs are sentient beings with emotions and that we need to be aware of what they might be feeling at all times. 


If your dog's behaviour change is sudden, you should seek a Veterinary check immediately as this can often be the result of pain, perhaps from an injury or other medical issue. We work closely with local Veterinary practices. 


We will send you a detailed questionnaire to complete before our meeting.



30 Minute Telephone or Zoom Consultation


If you are unsure of the best way to proceed, we can offer you advice about your specific training or behaviour challenge. We can help you to devise a way forward and signpost you to additional services, reputable books and videos that can help. Additional sessions can be booked as required. 


Fee:   £35




Behaviour Modification Consultation via Zoom or outdoor venue where possible 


During the consultation, which will be approximately 1.5 to 2 hours long, we will discuss the specific issue or issues you are facing and agree a way forward. This could be related to:

  • Building your dog's confidence through fun activities, nose work, games and trick training
  • Fear related issues or phobias including 'reactivity' to other dogs or people
  • Separation related behaviours or over attachment issues
  • Jumping up
  • Excessive barking
  • Recall
  • Mouthing and biting
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Over-excitement
  • Prey drive issues
  • Adolescent behaviour - forgetting everything they have ever learned! 
  • Practical help with husbandry tasks - ear cleaning, nail clipping, giving eye drops, grooming etc. 


We will demonstrate the training techniques we recommend and after the meeting we will send you a recording of our meeting (if held on Zoom), a summary of the specialist techniques we have recommended, a written training plan for you to follow, and any videos we believe will help you. 


This consultation could be split into two sessions if required, for examaple the first one could be on Zoom and the second face to face at your home to demonstrate the techniques involved. A small additional fee to cover fuel may be required if we meet beyond a 10 mile radius of Winterslow, Wiltshire. 


Fee:   £80


Discounted follow up sessions are available as packages as follows:


Reactivity trainingHelp to understand what you can do to make your reactive dog feel more comfortable seeing other dogs. We will have three accompanied walks at a suitable venue near you or in a secure dog field to work on putting the theory into practice. £30 per training session or £80 for package of three sessions.


Other issues including for example loose lead walking advice and/or recall training: Help changing your "dragged along behind an over excited dog" walk to ones where you feel a real connection to your dog who loves being alongside you. We can accompany you on a series of walks to demonstrate techniques and help you practice these. £25 per training session or £70 for package of three sessions.


* Please just ask and we can agree a package at reduced rates specially for you




Puppy Advice Consultations


Puppies need to safely experience so much during the first 14 weeks of their life if they are to become comfortable with all we expect of them throughout their lives. There is much to do and it is not as easy as you might expect to do this safely within the right time frame.  We can help you devise a programme of quality interactions with other dogs and humans (more important than the quantity of interactions) and safe introductions to the car, vacuum, the TV, fireworks, grooming and all the husbandry tasks you will need to undertake in the future. Basically, all the things it is easy to assume your puppy will be fine, with until they are not!


  • We can help you in advance of getting a puppy - choosing the right breed for you, how to establish that your breeder is reputable and the puppy isn't coming from a puppy farm. Help you prepare for your puppy's homecoming and we can be there to help once they have arrived.  
  • We can also help you during those first precious weeks after bringing puppy home.


We offer Zoom consultations or home visits (if safe to do so) and we will prepare a bespoke Puppy Information Pack containing all the advice we have discussed, demonstrate how to train the essential life skills your puppy needs to know. 


Fee:   £75 with additional training sessions at £25 per session or £70 for package of three additional




Pet Bereavement related assistance 


If you need to talk to someone about your dog's failing health, are anticipating losing your precious dog and wondering how and when you will make the decision to say your final goodbye, or grieving a much loved pet, then we are here to help you.  


Not everyone understands the impact losing a much loved pet can have on our lives. Our grief can become all consuming and sometimes we need a little help from someone who really does understand and has been through it.    


Fee:  £25 per hour either by telephone, Zoom or face to face (half hour sessions available)