Behavioural and Training Services

Any behaviour work and training we do with you and your dog will always be rewards based, force-free and without fear and initimidation and we will always include as much fun as possible. We strongly believe dogs are sentient beings with emotions and that we need to be aware of what they might be feeling at all times.


We will focus on having as much fun as possible as we all learn better that way. 


If your dog's behaviour change is sudden, you should seek a Veterinary check immediately as this can often be the result of pain, perhaps from an injury or other medical issue. We work closely with many of our local Veterinary practices. 



Free Discovery Telephone Call 


In this initial telephone call, we will ask you to briefly describe the behaviours causing you to be concerned and we will agree the type of help we believe will benefit you and yor dog the most. This may be one-to-one training sessions or behaviour modification help. We will also discuss the amount of on-going sessions you are likely to need. 


It is important to recognise that training and behaviour modification are, whilst linked, very different. For example, if a dog barks and lunges at other dogs because he is fearful, whilst it is possible to train him to stop doing these things, it is much better to work on changing how he feels in the situation. Helping him to become more comfortable in that situation is going to be so much more beneficial in the long term.


Behaviour modification is about changing the underlying emotions being felt and not just supressing them.  


After this initial discussion, we will send you a detailed questionnaire to complete and return. 


Fee: Free



1. Full Behaviour Modification Consultation


We will send you a detailed questionnaire to complete before our first meeting. During this full consultation, of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, usually by Zoom, we will discuss the specific issue or issues you are facing. This may relate to:

  • Fear related issues or phobias including 'reactivity' to other dogs or people
  • Separation related behaviours or over attachment issues
  • Guarding of resources and not giving items up to you
  • Jumping up
  • Excessive barking
  • Recall
  • Mouthing and biting you
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Over-excitement
  • Prey-drive issues
  • Adolescent behaviour - forgetting everything they have ever learned! 
  • Difficulty doing husbandry tasks - ear cleaning, nail clipping, giving eye drops, grooming etc. 


We will help you understand more about the behaviour, why this might be happening, and how this can be improved. After the meeting we will send you a recording of our session, a bespoke written action plan which will include links to training and demonstration videos and equipment we believe will help you.


Our emphasis will be on building your dog's confidence and/or skills through benevolent guardianship and fun activities that you will both enjoy, this may include scent work, games and trick training, all of which have "real life" applications. If additional sessions are required, these can be booked singly or in sets of three which will available with a small discount. 


We will continue to support you by email, Zoom and face to face (where appropriate) for at least 6 further weeks while you are working on the recommended activities in the action plan. 


Fee: £105 to include consultation, bespoke action plan and at least 6 weeks' support



Additional Zoom or face to face sessions for behaviour clients:  Although our action plan will focus on what you can do to improve your dog's behaviour, we hope you will want us to help you with this. We can meet with you either at your home, your normal walking venue or arrange to rent a secure field on your behalf. In these sessions we will concentrate on putting the action plan into practice!  Fee: £35 per session (or 3 for £90).



2. One-to-One Training Sessions


Sometimes, we will agree in our initial telephone meeting, that focused one-to-one training sessions are going to help you and your dog the most. This is usually for things like:

  • 'Loose-lead' walking
  • Improving your dog's recall
  • Building self-control
  • Preventing jumping up
  • Preventing mouthing of the lead or you
  • Plus much more .....


If you want to feel a real connection to your dog and know that your dog loves being alongside you in all situations, then we can help you with some practical training sessions.  We can accompany you on a walk or work with you in your garden (or home if Covid rules allow) or we can arrange to rent a secure field if this makes you and your dog feel more comfortable. 


Fee: £35 per session (or 3 for £90)



3. All Things Puppy!


Puppies need to safely experience so much during the first 14 weeks of their life if they are to become comfortable with all we expect of them throughout their rest of their lives. There is much to do and it is not as easy as you might expect to do this safely within the right time frame. 


Why not give your puppy a head start by having either a Puppy Zoom ConsultationOne-to-One Puppy Training Sessions or a Pre-Puppy Advice Consultation.  With all of these services, we prepare a bespoke Puppy Information Pack containing all the advice you will need, gathered into one place saving you a huge amount of time reading books or endless online searches. We can demonstrate how to train the essential life skills your puppy needs to know and we will make it fun and entertaining for you and your puppy. 


In a Puppy Zoom Consultation we will devise a bespoke programme of quality interactions with other dogs and humans (this is more important than the quantity of interactions) and safe introductions to the car, vacuum, wheelbarrow, the TV, fireworks, grooming etc. (the list is long). We will discuss how puppies learn and the best ways to train. We will also demonstrate how to prepare puppy for all the husbandry tasks you will need to undertake in the future.


Basically, we cover all the things it is easy to assume your puppy will be fine with, until they are not!


Fee: £75 to include consultation, bespoke training plan, puppy pack and at least 6 weeks' support



Puppy One-to-One Training Sessions - why not have some one-to-one puppy training lessons at home while your puppy is unable to go out because they are still in the middle of their puppy innoculation period? We can help by coming to you and working with you in your garden (or home if Covid rules allow).


We can help with toilet training, sleeping arrangements, crate training, appropriate exercise, mental and environmental enrichment activities, preparing your puppy for being left alone and much, much more. 


Of course, we can do puppy one-to-one sessions after your puppy is allowed to go out too and these can replace classes (as long as you have other socialisation opportunities) or complement classes and puppy socialisation parties. 


Fee: £35 per session (or 3 for £90)



In a Pre-Puppy Consultation we advise in advance of you getting a puppy, how to choose the right breed for you, how to establish that your breeder is reputable and the puppy isn't coming from a puppy farm. Help you prepare for your puppy's home coming, what to purchase and we can be there to help once they have arrived.


Fee: £35 per session (or 3 for £90)



4. Pet Bereavement related assistance 


If you need to talk to someone about your dog's failing health, perhaps you are anticipating losing your precious dog and wondering how and when you will make the decision to say your final goodbye, or maybe grieving a much loved pet, then we are here to help you.


Not everyone understands the impact losing a much loved pet can have on our lives. Our grief can become all consuming and sometimes we need a little help from someone who really does understand and has been through it.


Fee: £25 per session