I only work using holistic, force free and positive reward based methods. I specialise in building confidence in anxious and fearful dogs. 


To live with a happy dog that is well behaved and has learned basic manners is what most owners dream of having in their lives. Unfortunately, many dogs have not had a great start in life, for one reason or another find it hard to socialise with strangers or other dogs, have become scared of everyday objects and, sadly, some have suffered a trauma. Understanding how a dog's behaviour is affected by the events in its past and its current lifestyle is a major step towards helping them become the happy dog of your (and their) dreams.


For some dogs, the reality is that they just find it hard to understand what their owners require of them and this can cause confusion, stress and frustration in not just you, but in your dog too! Improving how you communicate with each other can be quite a simple thing to do, once you know how!   


What can I help you with?


Behavioural issues

  • Dog to dog reactivity - barking and lunging at other dogs
  • Dog to people 'reactivity'
  • Some aggressive responses cases
  • Fearful or nervous behaviour
  • Separation related distress - how to build time away from your dog without them getting upset
  • Sensitivity to noise - fireworks, army range explosions, traffic, neighbours moving around
  • Introducing a new pet into the household
  • Resource guarding - not giving up toys or stolen items
  • Nutritional information


Training issues

  • Pulling on a lead
  • Excessive barking
  • Recall issues - running off and not listening to you
  • Building focus and calmness
  • Using play as a part of learning
  • Environmental enrichment
  • Help with a new rescue dog


New Puppy advice

  • Puppy training - individually tailored training plan ahead of attending puppy training classes or puppy parties
  • Toilet training issues
  • Building confidence
  • Appropriate play
  • Nutritional information
  • Exercise programme
  • Chewing inappropriate items - furniture or the TV remote
  • How to make husbandry tasks easier in future - nail cutting, grooming and administering medications ​


Pet Bereavement advice

  • If you need to talk to someone about your dog's failing health, are anticipating losing your precious dog and wondering how and when you will make the decision to say your final goodbye or grieving a much loved pet, then I am here for you to listen and guide. 
  • Not everyone understands the impact losing a much loved pet can have on our lives. Our grief can become all consuming and sometimes we need a little help from someone who really does understand and has been through it. 
  • I am the tutor for the Pet Bereavement Counselling course with The ISCP Ltd. The course prepares dog professionals who are supporting their clients through the saddest of times.   


If you would like to discuss the issues you have with your dog in complete confidence and without judgement please email me or use my contact form. Together we can decide if you and your dog would benefit from an in-depth consultation and a bespoke behaviour modification plan or just a short visit to put you on the right track.  


I have hourly rates available or set packages (see Services page), all are designed to fit in with you, your commitments and the needs of your dog. However, should you feel you need more support I would be happy to put together a completely bespoke package just for you.  I am based on the Wiltshire/Hampshire border and cover Andover, Amesbury, Salisbury, Stockbridge, Winchester and the surrounding villages. 


For behavioural issues, I will send you a questionnaire about your dog before our first session. I may also ask you to see your vet to rule out any medical reasons for sudden changes in behaviour.


It is a sad fact that in the UK at the moment anyone can call themselves a dog behaviourist and trainer so I would highly recommend that you only approach someone who is trained to offer you advice.

At a glance

INTO Dogs Certified Canine Behaviourist & Trainer


ICAN Certified Animal Behaviourist & Trainer


Professional Member of the Pet Professional Guild, the Complementary Medical Association and the Dog Welfare Alliance.  


Approved trainer for Veterans with Dogs working with service dogs. 



As a full accredited member of The Association of INTODogs I am able to display this symbol. Please check out the charter website to see what assurances this symbol brings. 



Areas covered:

I cover mainly the Andover, Amesbury, Salisbury, Stockbridge, Winchester area as I am based near the Wiltshire / Hampshire Border. Please contact me if in doubt.

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