International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour Ltd (ISCP)


The Dog Welfare Alliance (DWA)


INTO Dogs for trainers and behaviourists who use positive methods of working with dogs


Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, founder and principal of the ISCP,  founder of the DWA, chair of INTO Dogs committee, author and so much more!


Perfect Fit Harness, I recommend The Perfect Fit Harness for walking your dog rather than clip up to a collar (although they must still wear a collar with a tag giving your contact details).  


Sprinkles, a fabulous concept from Sally Hopkins involving throwing small amounts of moist food on to the ground, without your dog seeing what you are doing. You then allow him as much time as he likes to search for the tiny morsels. Sprinkles tires you dog mentally, fulfils natural instincts and builds confidence. It promotes a deep natural healing sleep which helps to lower long term stress levels. 


Snuffle Mat, another wonderful way in which your dog can enjoy searching for small amounts of dried food on an easy to make mat. I made mine for about £10 in total and it took about one and a half hours to make. Well worth the effort!

Links to local dog people


Hedgerow Hounds Care for much loved dogs, canine massage, organic herbal feed supplements, organic healing balms and raw feeing advice.


Mr Slobberchops Provides herbal remedies and simple holistic natural solutions for treating dogs everyday ailments to keep your canine healthy and happy!


UpAndOver Dog Agilty Club, Andover






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I cover mainly the Andover, Amesbury, Salisbury, Stockbridge, Winchester area as I am based near the Wiltshire / Hampshire Border. Please contact me if in doubt.

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