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I have heard many people say that they have owned dogs all their lives much like me, but my eyes were opened when I adopted an often over-enthusiastic young male Rottweiler and started integrating him into my home and with my existing two male and 'entire' Labradors, who joined our home as puppies. Owning dogs all my life did not prepare me for the journey I started that day. I watched them closely to make sure the change in dynamics I had forced upon them all did not become "an issue". At the same time I read as much as I could find in books and online about pre-empting disagreements over toys, jealousy over affection from their humans, and even fights over food. 


In time, I realised that my Labradors knew far more about integrating a new member into the family than I. Which in real terms meant they grumbled at the Rottie at times and they halted play when he got too rough! I learned how well dogs communicate with each other, how they do everything they can to avoid disputes and how I could use their language to ensure everyone was happy.  


I watched the Rottie, who almost certainly had not been introduced to many dogs as a puppy or introduced to everything he was likely to encounter as an adult, blossom under their and my tutelage. He relaxed in their company and settled down to become a loving member of our family. 


And me? Well, I read so much that it peaked my interest in re-training as a Canine Behaviour Practitioner. I enrolled with the International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour (The ISCP) in 2014 and I graduated with my Diploma in March 2016 (http://theiscp.com/contact-an-iscp-practitioner/). I became a tutor later that year. 


I am now Principal of the ISCP which is an amazing worldwide family of wonderful tutors, graduates and students who are an incredible source of advice, research and best practice. I am proud to be part of this growing group of positive dog people. I am also proud to have a number of ISCP students here in my immediate area and I eagerly await their graduation so we have more trained people in the area helping guardians and their dogs. 


I am a Full Member of INTODogs, both as a Certified Canine Behaviourist and a Certified Dog Trainer. I am an International Companion Animal Network (ICAN) Certified Animal Behaviourist and Certified Animal Trainer. I am also a Professional Member of the Dog Welfare Alliance, the Pet Professional Guild and the Complementary Medical Association.  I am fully insured with Cliverton Insurance and a member of the DogLaw SOS community. 


I continue to learn as much as I can about dogs and I have earned Certificates for Dog First Aid, Animal Behaviour and Welfare from the University of Edinburgh, completed courses on Canine Body Language and Facial Expression and Dog to Dog Introductions both from Learn to Talk Dog with Sarah Whitehead. I recently attended an Aggression and Rehabilitation Course with Steve Mann of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, a two day seminar with Ken Ramirez, the world renowned 35+ year veteran of animal care and training and a Tellington Touch Workshop with Sarah Fisher.


Continued Professional Development is important and in order to maintain my membership of INTODogs I must prove I do a minimum of 40 hours CPD a year (in fact I do a huge amount more than this). kdogcharter.org.



About me

I am an INTO Dogs, ICAN & PPG accredited Certified Canine Behaviourist and Certified Animal Trainer.


I am the Principal of The International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour Limited, an ICAN Committee Member and I am also a volunteer approved trainer for Veterans with Dogs working with their service dogs.  



As a full accredited member of The Association of INTODogs I am able to display this symbol. Please check out the charter website to see what assurances this symbol brings. 


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I cover mainly the Andover, Amesbury, Salisbury, Stockbridge, Winchester area as I am based near the Wiltshire / Hampshire Border. Please contact me if in doubt.

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